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Rendering of completed shrine

New Shrine In Carlentini

At the beginning of summer 2018, the people of Carlentini began construction on the shrine "Edicola Votiva" of S. Lucia. It marks the exact location that Saint Lucy stopped during her pilgrimage on February 5th 301AD.


As the story goes, Santa Lucia set out on a pilgrimage with her mother from Syracuse to Catania to pray at the tomb of St Agatha. Along the way, they stopped in Carlentini to pray under an olive tree. For this reason, the people of Carlentini chose Santa Lucia as their Patron Saint, which is also why Omaha Italians have been celebrating the feast of Santa Lucia since 1925.

Pictures taken early June 2018, as construction is just beginning

What's at the current site? 
As you can see from the pictures, this is a total rebuild. The citizens were able to acquire the property. Contractors started from scratch. The final rendering not only shows a shrine, but also includes a symbolic olive tree to represent the tree that Santa Lucia and her mother prayed under.  
When will shrine be completed?

According to Carlentini Devoti and President Nuccio Catalano, the shrine should be completed prior to the 2018 festival at the end of August

What is the total cost of the project?

Contractors have estimated the total cost of the project to be around $35,000 to $50,000. However, they have not raised all of the money, and still need help.

What is the deadline to provide a donation?

We will be accepting donations through our website, via credit card, until August 10th. Donations can be as low as $5. Any amount will help, as our brothers and sisters in Carlentini desperately need support on this project.

Why should I donate?
For nearly a century the people of Omaha have never forgotten their relatives, family members and ancestors in Carlentini. In the 1920's, Omaha Italians donated a Murano glass chandelier that still hangs in Chiesa Madre Church. After WWII, we helped pay for a war memorial. In the 1990's Omahan's raised money to help with relief efforts after a devastating earthquake. Most recently, we send some money to help restore a gymnasium at a church. 
Contributing to the shrine will not only further solidify our committment to Omaha's Italian sister city, the money will help build a lasting place of worship dedicated to the life of Santa Lucia. I shrine Omahan's will forever be able to visit when returning to Carlentini. 

Pictures taken mid July 2018, as construction continues

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