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99th Festival Queen

Liz Troia

My family has a deep history with the festival and I have been coming to the festival my entire life. I love this festival more than anything and this community that has been brought to me. I got invested in this when my sister, Gina Troia, ran in 2018 and became the Queen of Santa Lucia. I wanted to follow in her stead and have my own experience with this festival like she did. I work hard for everything that I do and love all kinds of art. I enjoy volunteering and learning about all of the different cultures and traditions that people have. I go to Mercy High School and am currently in my junior year. I wanted to find a way to be able to reach St. Lucy the way that she did when I first learned about her. 



All prospective candidates must be baptized Catholic and 14 – 21 years of age.  Please download and complete Queen Candidate Application, then email to


The Santa Lucia Queen is selected based on three criteria – Academics, Community Service and Raffle Ticket Sales.

All applicants must attend the Queens Kickoff Dinner that is held in the Spring.
The Queens Kickoff Dinner is held for prospective candidates and their families.
Community Service begins early Spring and the date is to be determined at the Queens Kickoff Dinner. Information about Raffle Ticket Sales will also be discussed at this dinner. All info will be given during the dinner so you will have all the info needed. 


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