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Congratulations Mayor Jean Stothert

The 99th Annual Santa Lucia Festival

Honorary President


Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert is in her third term as Mayor of Omaha. First elected in 2013, and re-elected in 2017 and 2021, she is the 51st mayor of Omaha and the cities first woman to be elected to the office. 


“Thank you for electing me to a third term. To serve as our cities first female mayor, and to begin an unprecedented third term in office, are both incredibly special and very humbling. It is an honor that I will live up to, and one, I am very excited to begin. I will work hard every day to earn your trust, make you proud of our work, and even more proud of our city.”

Mayor Stothert's priorities are public safety, managing the city budget, job growth and economic development and improving the taxpayer experience., so every citizen receives excellent customer service when they interact with city government. 


Mayor Stothert has reduced the property tax rate three times, improved city services, worked with the Omaha City Council to the grow the city's population and tax base through annexation, and increased funding for the police department to increase the number of officers to 906, a record high number. This historic high number of officers is helping to make Omaha safer and establishing one of the best large-city police departments in the country. 


She proposed and voters approved “A Road Map to Better Streets, a $200 million bond issue to improve aging city streets. 


She serves on the Metropolitan Area Planning Agency (MAPA) Board of Directors and the Salvation Army Advisory Board. She is the honorary Chair of the Omaha Sister Cities Association, and Co-Chair of the Smart Cities Initiative. 


Stothert grew up in the St. Louis area and worked as a critical care nurse and later as head nurse, and department head of cardiovascular surgery at St. Louis University. 


In 1993, Mayor Stothert and her family moved to Omaha. 


She became involved in the Millard public schools as a volunteer. Later, she was appointed and then elected to the Millard Board of Education and served 11 years, including three as president. In 2009, she was elected to the Omaha City Council, representing district 5 in southwest Omaha. 


In 2022, Mayor Stothert married Dr. Kevin O’Rourke. She has two children and four grandsons. 


Mayor Stothert believes in open, transparent government and gets more satisfaction from helping people solve problems. 

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