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Meet the 2024 Queen Candidates

Alexis Rasmussen

Alexis is going into her junior year at Fremont High School. She was informed of the Santa Lucia Festival by her student teacher and was persuaded to try out for queen. Alexis has always been interested in different cultures and how they developed their traditions. When she heard about the festival Alexis knew that this would be an amazing opportunity to learn about Italian culture. As a student at Fremont High School, she loves participating in various activities such as Book Club, Multicultural Club, FCA, FBLA, and more. She is also on the Fremont High School swim team where she enjoys interacting with her teammates and competing at swim meets. Alexis lives in the countryside with her parents and siblings who have supported her in her endeavors.

Alli Lynn Venditte 

My name is Alli Lynn Venditte. I will be entering my junior year at Gross Catholic High School and I am on the varsity golf team. I am the granddaughter of Mary and Charlie Venditte who have been members of Santa Lucia for many years. My Great Grandma Fena Venditte was the first Santa Lucia queen in 1929. I have been a part of this festival my entire life. You can find me working in the La Trattoria or dessert booth. Throughout the year you can also find me attending various Santa Lucia events and volunteering anywhere that is needed. Most of my family are members of this organization and a few have served as queen. This festival is something I look forward to all year long and it holds a special place in my heart. I am honored to have been the flower girl for my cousins Anna Venditte Diederich, Vivian Caniglia and other past queens and queen candidates. This opportunity is something I have anxiously awaited and hope to serve as the 100th Santa Lucia Festival Queen.

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Micaela Tribulato
My name is Micaela Tribulato, I will be a junior at Westside High School. Some hobbies of mine that I enjoy doing in my free time are: reading books, sewing, making new clothing for myself & others, along with photography, and a little bit of cooking and baking when I can. I have my Sicilian roots from my father’s side and my Venezuelan roots from my mother. I’m very proud of my ethnicity and love who it makes me. My Sicilian great-grandparents are Grace Nigro from Carlentini and Francesco Tribulato from Catania, they both came to America with their families and met, and got married in Omaha. My grandfather Luciano (Louis) Tribulato, was born in Omaha. Although I never knew Grace and Francesco I’ve heard a great deal of stories about the both of them. On the other hand, my grandmother Laura Sanchez de Loyo on my mom’s side, in her home town Mucuchies their patron saint is also Saint Lucia like the festival here in Omaha, and every year they have this big celebration that everyone enjoys and it is a big deal there also. Over the years I have been to the Santa Lucia festival multiple times and it is something that I have always looked forward to. It’s something my family has been doing for a while, and is a tradition where we have always loved the food, and the strong community. Last year we went again, and I particularly enjoyed the food, music, and games very much. That is how I heard of the queen candidacy, which piqued my interest and inspired me to sign up this year. My flower girl is Julia Chalen, a family friend.

Phoebe Fanciullo
I’m Phoebe Fanciullo.  I am 17 years old.  I will be a senior at Ralston High School.  I play first base for Venom Softball.  I love movies but more specifically psychological thriller films.  I also love cats.  I enjoy going to the festival every year because of the food, bocce ball, and the band.

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